Few problems are likely to arise with the indicator switch although it may suffer from becoming stiff to operate and the terminals may need cleaning from time to time. Before you commence any work on it, disconnect the battery. It will be easier to work on if you unclamp it from the steering column but it is difficult to remove it from the car completely as its 3 wires are connected into the loom behind the instrument panel, so removing it from the car necessitates removing the panel. Don't bother!

The cover can be removed by undoing the 7mm nut on the back of the switch. Lift off the cover together with the dome-headed screw. The photo below left shows the cover removed as you would see it from the driver's seat. The stalk can now be lifted off the pivot but BE CAREFUL - keep your finger on the spring-loaded connector to prevent it flying out as the stalk is lifted. The 4 terminals may be corroded in which case clean them with Brasso or fine abrasive. Or the terminals may be greasy in which case clean them with a cloth soaked in methylated spirits. The spring-loaded connector should be free to move within the hollow stalk so if necessary apply grease sparingly (see photo), making sure it does not get on the end of the connector which makes the electrical connection.
If the connection between the 3 wires and the 4 terminals is suspect you will need to remove the insulated plate from the back of the switch. It is brittle so if possible avoid prising it out with a screwdriver. The easiest way is to press all 4 terminals, particularly the outside ones, from the front of the switch - as you push them out of the holes in the plastic switch they in turn will start to push the insulated plate out. As soon as it is partly out you will be able to ease the yellow and green wires out of their slots in the plate and remove the plate, leaving the 4 terminals still half in the plastic body of the switch. The live (red) wire is soldered to the 2 centre terminals so this joint can easily be corrected with a soldering iron. The green and yellow wires are crimped onto the terminals but if they have broken you should be able to repair them with solder too. If soldering is necessary, completely remove the appropriate terminal from the plastic switch body to avoid heat damage to the plastic.

Reassemble in the reverse order of dismantling.
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