The steering lock itself shouldn't give any trouble but it has to be removed before you can withdraw the steering column such as when changing a chassis (or if you lose the key and have to hot-wire the car - but don't tell the kids outside the local convenience store!!). It consists of a steel ring, in two halves, clamped round the top of the column. When the ignition key is withdrawn a sprung bolt is released against the lock. If the steering wheel is turned the lock also turns until a cut-out in the lock lines up with the bolt. When the bolt enters the cut-out it prevents the column from being turned until the key is turned to withdraw the bolt. The lock can be removed without removing or loosening the column.

The two halves are held together with two Allen bolts which are accessible through a slot on the underside of the steering column tube (see photo). First check to see if your car has the lock cover fitted (photo). This is held over the lock by a small screw with a 7mm head which is very fiddly to get at so often the lock covers are not re-fitted after work has been carried out. The screw is on the top of the column tube, the other side from the slot shown in the photo. Unscrew the 7mm screw and the cover will slide down the column. (If you want to completely remove this cover you will have to remove the column from the pinion shaft on the axle tube and withdraw the entire column into the car).

To remove the lock itself you must make sure the column isn't locked by turning the ignition on and then off again WITHOUT WITHDRAWING THE KEY. Turn the steering wheel until one of the Allen bolts is visible through the slot (photo) and then loosen it a couple of turns. There is no need to completely remove it at this stage. Now turn the wheel again until the other Allen bolt is visible and do the same thing. You will see that one half of the lock has grips which grasp the column (photo) and it is only necessary to loosen the Allen bolts sufficiently for these to let go. The lock should now be free to slide down the column and the Allen bolts can be removed and the two halves of the lock separated and removed from the column.
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