If your car is fitted with a courtesy light above the driverís door you may have wondered why it has a spare, unused terminal. The answer is that you can connect a wire from a door switch to it so that the light comes on when the door is opened. (N.B. This only applies to genuine CitroŽn RHD courtesy lights as shown below and does not apply to Dyanes).

A suitable bracket to hold the door switch can be made from a piece of steel with the dimensions shown in the diagram below (taken from 2CVGB News). The size of the hole in the bracket, and angle at which the bracket is bent, will depend on the switch youíre using. The two 8mm slots fit behind the top door hinge securing bolts as shown in the photo. To access the hinge you may need to remove a black plastic cover held in place with three small screws. Fit the switch to the bracket and then loosen the hinge bolts sufficiently to slide the bracket behind them.The photo shows a switch obtained from a scrapped CitroŽn BX but new ones are available from accessory shops.

Now run a wire from the unused terminal on the light, through the hole in its backplate and behind the lining to the top of the windscreen. Now thread the wire down the side of the windscreen (alongside the existing wire) until it appears in the vicinity of the door switch (this can be fiddly). Cut it to length, fit a suitable terminal and connect it to the switch.

You will see that as the door closes the hinge pushes the pin on the switch (the pin is red in the photo) into the 'OFF' position. When the door is about half open the hinge should be clear of the pin so that the switch is 'ON'. Adjust the angle of the bracket and/or the length of the pin on the switch to achieve this.

That's all there is to it except that you can fit an indentical bracket and switch to the passenger door. If you connect its switch to the switch on the driver's door the light will come on when either of the doors is opened. Refit the plastic cover if it was fitted to your car and satisfy yourelf that the light always turns off when the door is closed, otherwise it will drain the battery.
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