The colour code of your 2CV can be found on the right hand side of the upper bulkhead, near where the head lamp height adjuster rod enters the engine compartment. On cars up to around 1978 a small circular aluminium plate with the code stamped into it was riveted to the bulkhead. After that the code was stencilled in paint.

We have only listed the more common colours on right hand drive cars which CitroŽn started to import to the UK in 1974. There were many more colours available for left hand drive and pre-1974 cars. We used several sources for this list and found some contradictions so if we have missed an obvious one, or there is a mistake which you can correct, please let us know! We are reliably informed that some of the paint colours come in different 'tints'. For example there are three tints of Sunrise red. There is no indication on the car as to which tint was used so presumably you have to guess!

During the 1980s "two-tone" cars, either Charlestons (which replaced Clubs) or Dollies (really only Specials with two-tone paint jobs) became popular and, although we don't have the figures, we suspect they outsold cars in single colours. Such cars will have two paint codes on their bulkheads.

Three Charlestons were available: Charleston yellow & black, Delage red & black and Cormorant grey & Midnight grey.
Seven Dollies were available: Cormorant grey & Sunrise red, Cormorant grey & Buttermilk, Cormorant grey & Alpine white, Sunrise red & Alpine white, Bamboo green & Alpine white, Buttermilk & Midnight blue and Buttermilk & Delage red (known as "Plums 'n' Custard").

Code Colour

AC057 Cormorant grey
AC060 Buttermilk (jaune rialto)
AC069 Colorado beige
AC088 Alpine white
AC099 Midnight grey
AC136 Rose grey (used on wheels & bumpers from 1960-1990)
AC200 Black
AC329 Orange Tenere
AC331 Spring (cedrat) yellow
AC333 Mimosa yellow
AC336 Charleston (helios) yellow
AC446 Delage red
AC448 Sunrise red
AC533 Bamboo green
AC539 Jade green (peppermint)
AC575 Bleu celeste (lavender)
AC601 Midnight blue
AC639 Lagoon blue
AC645 Myosotis blue (cornflower)
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