With the correct maintenance a hood should last for many years but itís a fairly easy job when the time comes to replace it. The only likely snag is if the grub screws which hold the rear window panel to the boot hinge end stops are seized in. If this is the case, they will have to be drilled out and new end stops obtained. Some hoods are supplied with new end stops. There are photographs at the end of this section to help you identify the various parts mentioned.

Unclip the hood above the windscreen and above the doors and roll it back to the fully open position.
Remove the self tapping screws which go through the hood material above the rear quarter lights and which hold the press studs for the straps which hold the hood in the fully open position.
Remove the boot lid by sliding it off the hinge to one side.
Inside the boot, at each side, there are 8mm screws which hold the rear window panel to the body. When these are unscrewed the tab above the rear window can be slid out of the slot in the rear cross bar and the roof can be lifted away.

Remove the grub screws which hold the boot hinge end stops and slide the boot hinge off of the rear window panel. (Your new hood may be supplied with end stops but you will still need to remove at least one of the old ones in order to remove the hinge.) Transfer the hinge and end stops to the new hood. A smear of copper grease will help prevent the grub screws from seizing into the end stops. If your new hood is not supplied with a front strap, transfer the old one.

Drape the new hood loosely along the car making sure that the tab above the rear window is located in the slot in the rear cross bar.
Screw in the 8mm screws which hold the rear window panel to the sides of the car inside the boot, but donít tighten them yet.
Fit the boot lid and carefully try to close it, making sure that it is clear of the lip above the rear number plate. The 8mm screws mentioned are in slots so that the rear window panel can be slid up or down to get the right adjustment for the boot lid. When you are satisfied, tighten the 8mm screws.
Clip the hood over the lugs on the sides of the car and locate the pivoting frame into the front of the hood. When you close the front of the hood it must clear the top of the windscreen panel and come to rest on the rubber strip. This can be adjusted by loosening the 8mm screws which locate the pivoting frame to the sides of the car and sliding the frame to the correct position and then tightening the 8mm screws.
You must now pierce the hood for the press studs above the rear quarter lights. Make sure the hood is tight across the car. Peel back the hood to expose the hole in the body work and mark where the hole needs to be made. Use a small screwdriver or similar to make the hole and screw on the press studs.

The job is finished. All that remains is maintenance which will depend on the type of hood which you purchased. There are various silicon based products such as ĎArmorAllí which will clean and protect vinyl hoods. They may come in liquid form or impregnated cloths. Canvas hoods may need to be water proofed - ask the supplier what he recommends.
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