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On 1st December 1985 a meeting was arranged at the Inn on the Furlong in Ringwood by a group of local 2CV owners, including members of the "Dorset Ducks". The name "Wessex Ducks" was chosen to reflect the area it covered and incorporated former members of the Dorset Ducks which disbanded. The new group was recognised by 2CVGB as an official local group in 1986. The venue for the meetings later changed to the Crown (Fordingbridge), the Elm Tree (Ringwood), the Tyrrells Ford (Avon) and, since 2002, the Sir Walter Tyrrell in Brook.

From 1988 we published a monthly newsletter, Quack!, but from 2017 this will be incorporated into the website. At its peak the circulation of Quack! rose to more than 120 copies each month and attendance at our meetings was often in excess of 25 cars. We have organised trips to local places of motoring interest such as the Haynes Museum and Beaulieu as well as treasure hunts and duck races in the New Forest. Recently numbers have fallen as has the number of 2CVs still on the road but we still have a hard core of enthusiasts with more than twenty 2CVs or derivatives between them and who enjoy taking their cars to 2CV events throughout the UK and Europe as well as local classic car events for all makes of car.

Each year there is a "2CV National Meeting" held in the UK. This year (2017) it was in Horncastle, Lincolnshire. In alternate years there is a 2CV World Meeting. This year's was in Portugal and the next one will be in Croatia in 2019.
Our aim is to provide both a social club and, when required, a source of technical assistance for owners of ĎAí series CitroŽns in our area. Our website includes galleries with pictures of our membersí cars and some of the events we have attended. The Diary has details of future events and there are pages of technical help which may just solve a problem which you've had with your 2CV.

Use the buttons at the top of each main page to browse round the site. If you already own a 2CV or are thinking of getting one, why not get in touch - click the Contacts button above. There is a useful Buyer's Guide for prospective 2CV owners provided by classic car insurer, Hagerty - see links (right).
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The Wessex Ducks is a local 2CV owners' club,
affiliated to the UK national club
The CitroŽn 2CV Club for East Dorset & West Hants
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